USAFIS helps immigrants apply for the Green Card Lottery and help them acheive their dream and enjoy a better life in America. 10118574 – attractive young woman showing thumbs up. all on white background.USAFIS makes it a lot of easier for immigrants and their families by supporting them all the way through the Green Card Lottery process. With 15 years of experience USAFIS help immigrants fill out the Green Card application with no errors that are very common, such as: Leaving empty blanks on the application form ; Submitting photos that are not formatted correctly ; Missing the application deadline ; Failing to use the required E-DV form when submitting the application etc.

USAFIS help all these people to avoid the error and apply for the green Card Lottery application correctly. After 15 years of experience USAFIS is the most leading organization serving immigrants. USAFIS will help you checking your application for errors ; Verify that the E-DV formatting is used to process your application ; will inform you when you are selected into the program and most importantly will provide you a 24/7 costumer service in you native language so you will be able to be involved in every step during the process.

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