When you want to immigrate to the United States through the DV-Lottery Program, be sure not to get taken in by a firm that is fake. USAFIS is far from a fake company, but helps over 250,000 people submit their Green Card Lottery applications each year. USAFIS has been in business for over 15 years, helping people with the paperwork needed to move to the United States.

footer-logoUnlike an immigration firm that is fake, USAFIS will provide a unique confirmation number to every person that successfully submits their DV-Lottery application to the U.S. State Department. A fake company is run illegally, so they could never provide this type of important information to paying clients.

Our clients are promised 100% participation in the DV-Lottery when they work with USAFIS; fake companies, however, cannot promise that to anyone, as their clients don’t even know if they are even submitted to the Lottery at all.

Founded in 2001, there are about 44,000 people who have been selected in the DV-Lottery using the services of USAFIS. Fake companies have no winners because they don’t participate in the Lottery; they just take your money and run.

Those who hire USAFIS to help them throughout the DV-Lottery process receive updates about their applications, along with revisions that are made in the official policies. Those who win the Lottery are contacted right away by USAFIS; fake companies would never do that.

For more than fifteen years, hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals have processed their Green Card applications and paperwork for submission through USAFIS. Fake immigration firms are never around for long – they take your money and disappear.

flag-731350_1280Contrary to an immigration firm that is fake, USAFIS customers have a few different options to make secure payments. These include Visa, American Express, and MasterCard, and all payments will be followed with a receipt as proof of the purchase.

Fake companies do not have any contracts with these reputable credit card companies. You can be sure that USAFIS is trustworthy, providing you with immigration services that are not only safe, but always lawful.