America’s Top-Paying Jobs for 2018

U.S. News & World Report released their 2018 Best Jobs report. The highest paying jobs are mostly found in the medical field. Of course, this requires several years of training and sometimes long, unpredictable hours, but the benefits may outweigh the costs. A careers reporter at U.S. News, Rebecca Koenig, reported, “Health care jobs are prominent on our list year after year and are predicted to continue growing rapidly within the job market by 2026.” She noted that healthcare is more than doctors and nursing professions. USAFIS is the perfect solution if you are looking for help with the immigration process to get moved to America.

The demand is high for available positions in healthcare technology, anywhere in the industry that “taps into a variety of the categories we rank and that offer a low unemployment rate, a high median salary and robust job growth.” If you are skilled in the healthcare industry, consider contacting USAFIS for information on relocating to the U.S. There are many job opportunities waiting for you.


The top position with a mean salary of $269,600 is Anesthesiologist. This position requires four years of medical school, a one-year internship, and followed by three years of residency in anesthesia. Some anesthesiologists decide to pursue additional training to be a part of a fellowship. The second place is a Surgeon, a physician who performs surgical operations, who has a mean salary of $252,910. Third place is Obstetrician and Gynecologist with a mean salary of $234,310. Those with a degree in these fields can serve as a primary physician and also as a consultant to other physicians. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon comes in at fourth place with a mean salary of $232,870. These surgeons perform surgeries on the face, mouth, and jaw. USAFIS has a team of experts who are trained in making your immigration process smooth. Contact them today!


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