Applying for Green Card is one step away from becoming a citizen

Few days ago more than 40 immigrants from 28 different countries arrived to u.s national park in Washington D.C and became citizens of the United States.
for becoming a citizen of the United States, you shold know about the Naturalization process –  a legal act of becoming a citizen, which claims that a person can become a natururalized American citizen if they are over the age of 18 and if they have lived in the U.S for five years, without leaving the country for more than 30 months.

The naturalization proccess has several steps: A person must first take in English and American civics. They must also prove  they will be a good and loyal citizen of the United States, by verification of two american citizens.

Start your journey of becoming a American citizen and apply now for Green Card.

Usafis Organization

USAFIS Organization was founded in 2001 to help immigrants who want to move to United States to apply for Green Card Lottry. USAFIS clients enjoy 24/7 customer services, which provides information about the U.S Green Card Lottery process in 14 foreign languages.

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