Charts in Research Report Provide Overview of US Immigration

“The United States has always been an open door for people all around the world”, declare USAFIS specialists. The Hamilton Project takes a closer look at immigrants who now call America their home and reveals the many changes that have transpired and the contribution they make to this great nation. In 1850, just over nine percent of the population was foreign-born, but it dropped significantly in 1970 to less than five percent.

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Today, close to 14 percent of the population was born overseas. The immigrant population varies widely across the nation, ranging from 20 percent in Florida, California, New Jersey, and New York, down to five percent in portions of the Midwest and South East. Most immigrants in America are in the country legally. About one in four newcomers, or just over 11 million people, is in the country without legal authorization.

Close to 75% of illegal immigrants are believed to have lived in the U.S. for over ten years. As of 2014, 44% of the foreign-born population were granted U.S. citizenship. Over 25% are Green Card holders, which makes them legal permanent residents. To become a legal resident of the United States and see your dreams come true, contact USAFIS for more information.

To see the diversity of immigrants in America, we can look at their widely different educational attainment. Immigrants are more likely to obtain a master’s degree or doctorate than children of parents born in the United States. However, nearly one-fourth of immigrants have not graduated from high school. Newcomers contribute directly to the economic growth of the U.S. and boost the population and the increasing demand for goods and services. Output in the U.S. economy is higher and grows more quickly with more immigrants, as they increase the productivity and the number of workers.

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