Finding the Best Schools in the U.S.

The United States Department of Education reports that there are over 55 million young people who attend pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade in the U.S., with about 9% of them attending private institutions. Public school education costs approximately half a trillion dollars, which comes from state and local taxes.

academic-1822679_640The American education budget is supplemented only 9% by the U.S. government. USAFIS: An immigration service to aid foreign nationals who want to move to America to live, work and study. Local school districts control the public school system, which is unheard of in other countries. The property taxes from U.S. homeowners provide the income for the public schools to stay open, and therefore, the schools are a direct reflection of the communities where they are located. This includes the finances and quality of education, which varies from one public school to another depending on the type of neighborhood and the resources available there.

Here at USAFIS, we find that immigrants to the U.S. want to find the best schools in America, but the fact is that the quality of a school will vary depending upon its location. The assumption that public schools will provide skills, behaviors, and values to your children can be a false expectation. Some public schools do a better job of helping students become responsible citizens, while others don’t. Suburban neighborhoods of wealthy people often have better schools than inner city schools in urban areas.

Here at USAFIS, we have found that it’s important to make good choices when you are deciding where to raise your family so that your children can have the greatest educational opportunities and experiences. While it may seem more comfortable to settle in an area where you will be with others of your ethnicity, remember that the local public schools in those areas might not be the best for your family.

Do your research to find neighborhoods that have quality public schools so your children will get the best education possible.

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