Foreign Workers Are Needed for Millions of Jobs in America

The United States is experiencing a shortage of workers after the global pandemic. A solution to help with the problem would be to bring in additional foreign workers. There are almost 10 million jobs available without a skilled worker to fill the position. Only 8.4 million Americans are searching for a job. Job openings hit historic highs in July 2021, extended unemployment benefits ended in September, but many US workers aren’t going back to work. Workers are also quitting in record numbers. If you and your family are looking for a better life experience, contact USAFIS. Our team understands the challenges of immigration and will walk you through each step.


When the economy is on shaky ground, most governments close borders to protect the country’s workers. That is exactly what the US did during the pandemic, bringing legal immigration to a stop. America welcomes close to one million immigrants in a normal year, and close to 75 percent of them join the job force. Research has shown foreign workers make no negative impact on wages or employment for those living in the country. If you are considering relocating to the US, let USAFIS help you choose the right visa to live and work in the United States. Our team has 20 plus years of experience helping people around the world obtain their visas and start a new life in America.

Usafis Organization

USAFIS Organization was founded in 2001 to help immigrants who want to move to United States to apply for Green Card Lottry. USAFIS clients enjoy 24/7 customer services, which provides information about the U.S Green Card Lottery process in 14 foreign languages.

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