USAFIS – Immigrants Living in the USA Fuel Farmers Market Resurgence

St. Paul, Minnesota, is seeing a resurgence of farmers markets and immigrants are responsible. An influx of Hmong refugees from Southeast Asia in the 1970s gave the markets a second life. The immigrants from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, along with the Hmong people, are coming from cultures where everyone shops in open-air markets for their goods. […]

Growing Shortage of People to Work in the USA Reported

The United States economy is experiencing a worker shortage. For the past twelve months, the number of open positions every month has been greater than the number of people looking for jobs in the USA. This is the first time this has happened since the U.S. Labor Department started keeping data for job turnover twenty […]

Many Immigrants Work in US Healthcare Sector

Leaving her family behind in India over thirty years ago, Archana Chatterjee came to the United States to get her medical training. She was deprived of being with her parents in their final years since she was now in another country caring for others. Chatterjee is one of only three pediatric infectious disease specialists in […]

Top Cities to Start or Expand a Business in America

The number one city, according to a recent report by Startup Genome and Surge Cities Index, Inc. to begin a new startup is Austin, Texas. The metro area is growing four times faster than the Silicon Valley, and entrepreneurs are leading the charge. Google, Facebook, and Dropbox have a significant presence in the region as […]

Nationwide Expansion by Apple to Create 20,000 Jobs in the USA

Apple has plans to invest $1 billion in a new campus, the company just announced. The campus will be located in Austin, Texas, and will have the capacity to house 15,000 employees. The campus will spread over 133 acres in North Austin and will be located less than a mile from the existing facilities. The […]