Top Cities to Start or Expand a Business in America

The number one city, according to a recent report by Startup Genome and Surge Cities Index, Inc. to begin a new startup is Austin, Texas. The metro area is growing four times faster than the Silicon Valley, and entrepreneurs are leading the charge. Google, Facebook, and Dropbox have a significant presence in the region as well as Austin-born originals like Whole Foods, Trilogy Software, and Dell. If you are considering relocating to the U.S. for work and a better way of life, contact USAFIS. They can walk you through the steps to apply for the U.S. Green Card Lottery.

San Diego is known for its software companies, but it is also a place for startups focusing on aerospace and life sciences. Several biotech companies make the region home such as Gossamer Bio and ChaSerg Technology. The area hosts 24 incubator and accelerator programs. USAFIS simplifies the DV-Lottery application process and helps their clients successfully submit their paperwork. Contact them today for help with the process.

Usafis Organization

USAFIS Organization was founded in 2001 to help immigrants who want to move to United States to apply for Green Card Lottry. USAFIS clients enjoy 24/7 customer services, which provides information about the U.S Green Card Lottery process in 14 foreign languages.

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