USAFIS Clients Stayed With Firm After Being Chosen as Green Card Winners

There was a total of 83,910 Green Card Lottery winners for the Diversity Visa in 2017.

yahooOf the 120 countries that USAFIS focused on, USAFIS customers made up 21% of all Green Card Winners from the top 80 countries.

Winner customers were notified of their selection by USAFIS and informed of the next steps in the immigration process.

Most people who were notified wanted to complete the process with USAFIS rather than go with a different country or try to do it

USAFIS has the experience and knowledge to help foreign nationals get moved to the United States, so contact them today to get started on your own immigration experience.


Usafis Organization

USAFIS Organization was founded in 2001 to help immigrants who want to move to United States to apply for Green Card Lottry. USAFIS clients enjoy 24/7 customer services, which provides information about the U.S Green Card Lottery process in 14 foreign languages.

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