Different Types of Visas in the U.S.

It’s exciting to move to the United States knowing that you will have the opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a better life. The information offered here is to help you learn about different options for the type of life and work you may have in the U.S.

Immigrants to America Create More Jobs

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained in a major policy speech in 2011 that the United States government needs to increase immigration to both repair and grow the economy in the United States. Read more…

The Big Best Cities To Live in America

Most of the people think about New York and Los Angeles when they think about moving to United State and living the american dream, but in fact we found the 6 best cities to live in if you’re thinking about moving to U.S: Boston, Columbus and Arlington are just a few. Look for the full list […]

Applying for Green Card is one step away from becoming a citizen

Few days ago more than 40 immigrants from 28 different countries arrived to u.s national park in Washington D.C and became citizens of the United States. for becoming a citizen of the United States, you shold know about the Naturalization process –  a legal act of becoming a citizen, which claims that a person can become […]